Call for new MAYS coordinator – apply now!

Dear MAYS members,
We are looking for one new coordinator who will take Natashe’s place from July on and together with Mari keep MAYS as lively and active as usual. We currently have more than 500 members from all over the world and we keep on growing! Through MAYS, young scholars in medical anthropology have the opportunity to exchange their ideas and discuss their work in the pleasant peer-atmosphere of our annual meetings.
The MAYS coordinators simultaneously function as student representatives in the board of the Medical Anthropology Network within EASA however, the main work of MAYS coordination consists in the management of the MAYS google group, updating the website, and, which certainly is the most fun, organizing the annual conference. Of course, there are all kinds of other things one could think of, but that’s all up to the new coordinators.
There are basically no requirements you have to fulfil other than being a PhD student in medical anthropology but it is certainly very helpful to have the backup of an anthropological institution (that could also, for instance, host a future annual MAYS conference).
The online elections will take place from July 11th until July 22nd and the new coordinator will be announced on the 29th of July. The deadline for sending in your application is July 8th!
Here are 5 good reasons why you should consider becoming a MAYS coordinator:
1. You get to turn your ideas regarding medical anthropology into concrete events that inspire many other students.
2. You learn a lot about event organization and networking.
3. You get to know lots of amazing people and significantly enlarge your professional network.
4. You have experienced MAYS-veterans (Claire Beaudevin, Susann Huschke, Katerina Ferkov, Dominik Mattes, Judith Schuehle) by your side and you get to profit from the great work that Mari, your co-coordinator, does!
5. It’s great for your CV – not just in academia.
If you want to get more actively engaged in MAYS, please write a short e-mail to Please attach a short CV with a few lines on your current professional situation with regard to your academic career/status and institutional affiliation and your ideas for MAYS. This application will then be circulated among all MAYS members and will be the basis for members to vote. Please send your application in by July 8th!
Please do not hesitate to write if you have any further specific questions! We’ll be happy to tell you more about the fun that being a MAYS coordinator entails!
We are very much looking forward to hearing from you!
Mari and Natashe



MAYS EASA is proud to have the support of Berghahn Publishers, who help sponsor the the MAYS Annual Meetings.


Please check out Berghahn Series:

Reconstructing Obesity. The Meaning of Measures and the Measure of Meanings
Edited by Megan McCullough and Jessica Hardin

Pregnancy in Practice. Expectation and Experience in the Contemporary US
By Sallie Han

Epistemologies of Healing Series
Edited by David Parkin and Elisabeth Hsu

Fertility, Reproduction and Sexuality Series 
Edited by Soraya Tremayne, Marcia C. Inhorn and Philip Kreager

New page Fieldnotes and thoughts

Dear MAYS members,
we were currently looking into new ways to make MAYS website a more interactive space, where young scholars can stay connected and share their thoughts about each other’s work.

In this line we decide to create a new space where inviting guest young scholars who would like to write an informal piece (not an academic paper) about their research. This can include challenges in the field, funny stories, preliminary thoughts, actually whatever one feels to get of their chest.

Would you be interested in writing a piece for the MAYS website?
Here some tips:

Please write a piece that suits what you want to get out there about your research, this can be about your own research issues, your fieldwork experiences, challenges you encountered in the field or in the process of writing your thesis, preliminary thoughts, actually whatever you feel important to share with the Mays community.

The piece can be around 500 to 700 words, but if you are inspired feel free to be a little Proust!
We aim to have a new blog once a month.

We would like to set a deadline with you, this does not have to be a hard-core deadline, but more of an estimation so that we know when we can expect the piece. This deadline would be according to your own timing, inspirations and academic obligations. Let us know what will suit you best, and we can make a plan.


Looking forward to reading all your blogs!

Mari and Natashe

7th MAYS Annual Meeting – Call for Abstract is now online!

Hi all!

We are happy to announce that the 7th MAYS Annual Meeting will take place on 23rd & 24th June 2016 at the Institute of Social Sciences (ICS) of the University of Lisbon
The theme of the meeting will be

Intergenerations, temporalities, and medical anthropology

The conference will have the same peer-review structure like the other MAYS past conferences. We warmly invite you to send your abstract (max 300 words) to by February 7th 2016.

Infos about workshops and the keynote lecture will follow later. 
Please download the full Call for Paper here

We are looking forward to welcoming you in Lisbon!

MAYS Coordinators:

Maria Concetta (Mari) Lo Bosco
Institute of Social Sciences, University of Lisbon

Natashe Lemos Dekker
Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research