MAYS Career Development Talks are presentations by senior professionals, researchers, and or academic faculty that aim to educate and prepare participants on different career plans within and beyond academia. These talks are specific to career types and or countries based upon speakers’ backgrounds.

The purpose of these talks is to benefit members of the MAYS community. If there would be any topics of interest that you would like to hear about, please get in touch. Similarly, please reach out if you would like to give a talk yourself.

Future Meetings

Engaging and collaborating with public health and medicine practitioner-researchers as a medical anthropologist: opportunities and challenges for ethics, epistemology, and funding, Victoria Boydell, TBC – preliminarily: Friday, April 28th, 4PM CET.

About: Trained as a medical anthropologist, Victoria holds 20+ years of experience working within and between academic and global-international health organizations. Victoria will reflect upon her career trajectory, and specifically focus on the ways in which her career has been able to develop around collaborations with public health and medicine practitioner-researchers on different types of research contracts. This talk will detail the opportunities and challenges of bringing medical anthropology to these disciplines, including topics of ethics, epistemology, funding, publishing, positionality, and access.

Zoom link here.

Past Meetings

Teaching medical anthropology in health professions’ education, Margret Jaeger, Monday, March 6th, 4PM CET.

About: Based on Margret’s 10+ years experience on teaching in health professions´ education worldwide, Margret will give insights into how to construct a career in health education and to health professionals in practice. Challenges and options will be addressed and some recommendations for finding jobs in health education will be included.