MAYS Peer Meetings are MAYS-lead series of events aimed at bringing together social researchers who study similar topics in an informal manner. Meetings always take place online at 4 pm CET to foster inclusivity from researchers across the world. Thematic areas are suggested by MAYS community members. While some are quite specific, like anthropology of microbes, others are more generic, like health in the political context, or health and religion.

The idea behind those meetings is to create an informal environment for researchers to meet each other, without the pressure of preparation and performance conferences or workshops usually carry. We hope that this way we can help researchers to network, facilitating cooperation and peer support. Our peer meetings require no preparations, come as you are and meet fellow academics!

Upcoming meetings

Religion and Health, Tuesday, Oct 25th, 4 pm CET, Zoom link here, RSPV here.

Health as Politics, Wednesday, Oct 26th, 4 pm CET, Zoom link here, RSPV here.

Anthropology and Microbes, Thursday, Oct 27th, 4 pm CET, Zoom link here, RSPV here.

Hospital Ethnographies, Thursday, Nov 3rd, 4 pm CET, Zoom link here, RSPV here.