Dear MAYS members!

The election for the next MAYS Coordinator is upon us!

Please use the form below to read the statements of interest from the candidates who have applied. Then please submit your vote for who you would like to be the next MAYS coordinator (a two-year term) and the person who will take the lead in planning the next MAYS Meeting.

The election will close on July 22nd. 

The form:

The candidates who have applied are: 

Erica Niebauer – University of Heidelberg, Heidelberg
Abin Thomas – King’s College London, UK
Katre Koppel – University of Tartu, Estonia
Ursula Probst – Freie Universität Berlin, Germany
Olivia Bowsher – University College London, UK
Fredrik Nyman – Durham University, UK


Thank you for your participation!

Lilian and Mari

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