Dear MAYS members,
we were currently looking into new ways to make MAYS website a more interactive space, where young scholars can stay connected and share their thoughts about each other’s work.

In this line we decide to create a new space where inviting guest young scholars who would like to write an informal piece (not an academic paper) about their research. This can include challenges in the field, funny stories, preliminary thoughts, actually whatever one feels to get of their chest.

Would you be interested in writing a piece for the MAYS website?
Here some tips:

Please write a piece that suits what you want to get out there about your research, this can be about your own research issues, your fieldwork experiences, challenges you encountered in the field or in the process of writing your thesis, preliminary thoughts, actually whatever you feel important to share with the Mays community.

The piece can be around 500 to 700 words, but if you are inspired feel free to be a little Proust!
We aim to have a new blog once a month.

We would like to set a deadline with you, this does not have to be a hard-core deadline, but more of an estimation so that we know when we can expect the piece. This deadline would be according to your own timing, inspirations and academic obligations. Let us know what will suit you best, and we can make a plan.


Looking forward to reading all your blogs!

Mari and Natashe

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