“What is Medical Anthropology?” Podcast

This lecture series critically examines the discipline and practice of Medical Anthropology with some (ethnographic) stories. Hosted by Melissa “Mel” Maldonado-Salcedo, Ph.D, and produced by Pablo Alvarez.

The Soak
“The Soak is a podcast about how we get clean. It is equal parts anthropological investigation, travelogue, and excuse for us to experience other cultures through one of humanity’s most mundane rituals: the bath.”

For Digital Dignity – Online Gods
“Online Gods is part theoretical exploration into some of the key concepts in the anthropology of media, and part research into how increased online interaction is changing the public sphere. Taking India and the India diaspora as its focal point, the podcast continues in the great anthropological tradition of bringing the global and the specific into conversation with one another as it analyses what online discussions do to political participation, displays of faith and feelings of national belonging. “

From Savage to Self – BBC 4 Program
“GP and anthropological enthusiast Farrah Jarral tells the amazing and unexpected story of anthropology. From its earliest roots studying ‘savage’ and ‘primitive’ cultures during the imperial era, through living among them in the post-colonial period, to the sometimes self-obsessed study of our own societies during the globalised present, Farrah traces the history of this influential discipline.”