Regional Liaison: Michal Frumer, Aarhus University Hospital,
Last updated: January 2021

University Programs

There is no specific English-based Master degree in medical anthropology in Denmark, at the
moment. The specialization is nested within the general Anthropology Degree with elective courses. An overall entry point into studying in Denmark:

Anthropology degrees can be obtained at: Copenhagen University, Aarhus University.

Related fields: Human Security at Aarhus University, Techno-anthropology at Aalborg University.

Research Groups

Aarhus University
Interacting Minds Centre
Centre for Biosocial Inquiries (BiosInq)
Anthropology of Human Security in Africa (ANTHUSIA)
Centre for the Study of Ethics and Community
Research Centre for Cancer Diagnosis in Primary Care
Imagining Gender Futures in Uganda (IMAGENU)

University of Copenhagen
Centre for Medical Science and Technology Studies (MeST)
Personalized Medicine in the Welfare State (MeInWe)
The Vitality of Disease – Quality of Life in the Making (VITAL)