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Last updated: June 2019

Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences

Department of Social Anthropology
Undergraduate courses:
Course: Medical anthropology, Professor Athena Athanasiou
Course: Biotechnologies, Nature and Kinship, Associate Professor Eirini Tountasaki

Postgraduate courses:
Postgraduate Program: Social and Cultural Anthropology
Course: Kinship, Biotechnologies and Politics of Reproduction, Associate Professor Eirini Tountasaki
Course: Anthropology of Samanism: Political and therapeutic dimensions, Associate Professor Diana Riboli

Department of Sociology
Undergraduate courses:
Course: Society and Health-Health politics, Professor Oikonomou Charalambos

Department of Psychology
Undergraduate courses:
Professor Stelios Stylianidis in Social Psychiatry
Professor Alexias Giorgos in Sociology of Health and Body

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Department of History and Archaeology
Undergraduate courses:
Anthropology of Body and Health
Associate Professor Alexandra Bakalaki

University of the Aegean

Department of Social Anthropology and History
Undergraduate courses:
Gender, body, health, Associate Professor Kostas Giannakopoulos
Anthropology of Health, Assistant Professor Aglaia Chatjouli
Anthropology of Kinship and Gender (MA course), Anthropology of Kinship, Anthropological Approaches of Life and Death, Anthropology of Science, Seminar on Kinship, Religion and Assisted Reproduction, Associate Professor Venetia Kantsa

Postgraduate courses:
Anthropology of Kinship and Gender, Associate Professor Venetia Kantsa

Laboratory of Family and Kinship Studies

Sociology Department
Undergraduate courses:
Community and Mental Health, Professor Anastasia Zissi
Microsociology and Qualitative Methods, Professor Savvakis Manos
Sociology of Heath and Illness, Special topics in the sociology of health an illness (both courses begin October 2019)

University of Crete

Sociology Department
Undergraduate courses:
Sociology of health and illness, Sociology of the body, Sociology of psychic health, Assistant Professor Tzanakis Manolis
Associate Professor of Gounis Costas in Urban Anthropology

University of the Peloponnese

Undergraduate courses:
Assistant Professor Foteini Tzavella in Sociology of Health

Department of Social and Education Policy
Postgraduate courses:
Medical Anthropology. Postgraduate Program: Institutions and Politics of Health, Associate Professor Manos Spiridakis

University of Thessaly

Department of History, Archaeology and Social Anthropology
Medical Anthropology, Adjunct lecturer Soula Marinoudi

Laboratory of Social Anthropology

Research Programmes

Ethnography and/as hypertext fiction: Representing surrogate motherhood
Postdoc research by Anna Apostolidou
Hellenic Foundation for Research and Innovation 2018-

Island of the Pariahs: The history of the Leros Psychiatric Hospital (1957-1995)
Post doc research by Karidaki Danai

Histories and geographies of displacement, trauma and asylums in Leros island
Postdoc research by Eirini Avramopoulou
British School at Athens 2015-2018

(In)fercit. (In)fertile citizens. On the concepts, Practices, Politics and Technologies of Assisted reproduction in Greece
Principal Investigator: Venetia Kantsa
Unit: Lab of Family and Kinship Studies, Department of Social Anthropology and History, University of the Aegea Research
Research program funded by the European Social Fund and the General Secretariat of Research and Technology Greece. Duration: 26/9/2012 – 25/9/2015


Network for the History of Health
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