MAYS is a small part of a wider, larger circle of Medical Anthropology scholarship. On this page we aim to collect information on where and how Medical Anthropology is taught and discussed in- and outside of academia in Europe and beyond.

Thanks to our regional liaisons we can also provide you with information about Medical Anthropology programmes at various universities in different regions or countries. As this is a project very much in progress we are only covering a few countries (for now) and some programmes, institutions etc. might be missing. In case you want to add something to this collection or can imagine being a regional liaison yourself, please contact us at and we will provide you with further information about the project.

Additionally, we hope to steadily amass links to blog-based outlets and open journals through which anthropological work and approaches are being disseminated in ways that is non-hierarchical and reaches audiences within and beyond academia.

We hope this list will both be a helpful resource for young Medical Anthropology scholars, and inspire MAYS members to contribute their scholarship to these communities as well.

If you want to add some information about a new blog, network or other resource related to Medical Anthropology, just contact us at

Media Resources

Click on the picture to find a list of blogs, podcasts etc. related to Medical Anthropology. Also check out the MAYS “Fieldnotes and Thoughts” Series. Let us know about new projects that we could add by sending us an email to!


Medical Anthropology programmes and institutions by country/region

Click on the pictures to find out more about Medical Anthropology in a specific country. Missing something? Contact us at and we’ll add information!


Central and South America

Middle East and North Africa

Sub-Saharan Africa