MAYS EASA is a small part of a wider, larger circle of global Medical Anthropology scholarship. Thankfully, and importantly, not all of this scholarship is behind academic article paywalls!

On this page, we hope to steadily amass links to blog-based outlets and open journals through which anthropological work and approaches are being disseminated in ways that is non-hierarchical and reaches audiences within and beyond academia.

We hope this list will both be a helpful resource for young Medical Anthropology scholars, and inspire MAYS members to contribute their scholarship to these communities as well.

Please contact the MAYS coordinators ( with any suggestions of your own – particularly if your university runs its own!

 Wider MedAnth and Anthropological Scholarship


“A collaborative website covering the intersections of medical anthropology, science and technology studies, cultural psychiatry, psychology and bioethics.”

Anthrodendum (formally Savage Minds)
“A group blog that has been writing about sociocultural anthropology since 2005.”

The Unfamilar
“A postgraduate student-led journal based at the University of Edinburgh, aimed at making anthropology easily and widely accessible to audiences beyond academia. We seek to provide a forum for postgraduate students and early-career researchers for the publication of, and creative engagement with, their research.”

Medizinethnologie (posts in both German and English)
“This blog is run by the Work Group Medical Anthropology in the German Anthropological Association. It publishes texts (both in English and German) on the anthropology of transnational health interventions; migration, mobility and health; and the encounters between different medical and health-related ideas and practices in an interconnected world.”

MAT: Medicine Anthropology Theory
“Medicine Anthropology Theory is an English-language, open-access journal that publishes scholarly articles, essays, reviews, and reports related to medical anthropology and science and technology studies.”


The Soak
“The Soak is a podcast about how we get clean. It is equal parts anthropological investigation, travelogue, and excuse for us to experience other cultures through one of humanity’s most mundane rituals: the bath.”

For Digital Dignity – Online Gods
“Online Gods is part theoretical exploration into some of the key concepts in the anthropology of media, and part research into how increased online interaction is changing the public sphere. Taking India and the India diaspora as its focal point, the podcast continues in the great anthropological tradition of bringing the global and the specific into conversation with one another as it analyses what online discussions do to political participation, displays of faith and feelings of national belonging. ”

From Savage to Self – BBC 4 Program
“GP and anthropological enthusiast Farrah Jarral tells the amazing and unexpected story of anthropology. From its earliest roots studying ‘savage’ and ‘primitive’ cultures during the imperial era, through living among them in the post-colonial period, to the sometimes self-obsessed study of our own societies during the globalised present, Farrah traces the history of this influential discipline.”

Fieldnotes and Thoughts Series

During Mari and Natashe’s tenure as MAYS coordinators, they organised a collaboration with MAYS members, entitled the Fieldnotes and Thoughts Series to gather together work being done by our very own! These can be found below.

Social advertising and health
by Jyoti Gupta
Department of Sociology
University of Delhi, India

What’s the use?
by Ben Belek
PhD student in Social Anthropology
Cambridge University

Lessons from the field: the importance of being kind
by Tanja Ahlin
Doctoral candidate
UvA & ITM/University of Barcelona

Embodiment as healing
by Dominik Arkuszewski,
Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology Institute
Adam Mickiewicz University (Poland)