Dear MAYS Community,

It is with great pleasure that we welcome Erica Niebauer, of the University of Heidelberg, to the post of MAYS Coordinator!


Starting later this summer, Erica will be taking over for Mari Concetta Lo Bosco, and co-coordinating with Lilian Kennedy.  She will carry on the fantastic work that Mari, and previous MAYS coordinators have done to continue to bring MAYS members together, and create spaces in which we can support each others’ research and medical anthropological goals.

Erica’s application for the position highlighted her goals for the next MAYS conference, which will be held in Heidelberg, Germany. Her statement can be found below.

Erica Niebauer

Erica’s Application Text:
I am writing to apply for the MAYS Coordinator Position for 2017-2019. I am currently a master’s student at the University of Heidelberg, in Heidelberg, Germany, in the Medical Anthropology program of Health and Society in South Asia. I have attended the most recent MAYS conference in Edinburgh this June, and was very inspired by the community and potential directions of these conferences.

My proposed theme for the next MAYS conference would be on the collaboration of Medical Anthropology and artistic methods. I would propose focusing one day on art as research and the other on research as art, and would invite Medical Anthropology projects which have some artistic component, whether it be film, website design, photography, performance studies, participatory methods, etc, into a discussion of the future of collaborations between Medical and Visual Anthropology. I would be interested in inviting Medical/Visual Anthropologists to present their work, as well as suggesting workshops on using photography in research, using storytelling as a writing method, analyzing ethnographic film for Medical Anthropology purposes, etc. as some examples. The practical aspect of these workshops would be very interesting, and I would be interested I’m designing them to be very interactive, so the participants are able to shortly learn a skill, which they can potentially elaborate on in the future. (ie. writing ethnographic findings into a story in the narrative sense.) I would base the conference at the University of Heidelberg, in the department for Medical Anthropology at the South Asian Institute, and due to the interdisciplinary nature of the topic, would be able to collaborate with the Visual and Media Anthropology department at the Karl Jaspers Center for Transcultural Studies, also at the University of Heidelberg.

I have experience in both Medical and Visual Anthropology, and also in program and project design and management. In high school and university I began and led various student clubs, where I organized events, fundraising, and meetings. I have also worked in event assistance, for the SHARE Institute in California. I have extensive organization skills, due to my time as a student and also a social worker doing case management. I also helped design a program for refugee food security during an internship at the IRC in California, where I completed project planning, made and maintained contacts for project support and donations, and implemented courses and training for participants. My experience in planning, organization, and Medical Anthropology would make me a suitable candidate for the position of MAYS Coordinator, and I very much look forward to your reply!


Congratulations again to Erica!

We look forward to benefitting from her vision and diligence in her new role!


All best,
Lilian and Mari


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